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Wes Magee says of Moira Andrew’s latest poetry collection, Geese and Daughters:

"This outstanding new book of poems shows Moira Andrew at the peak of her poetic powers as she casts an unerring eye over contemporary life, relationships, love (and physical love), and nature. There is great tenderness here as she speaks with confidence and clarity in poem after poem that seems to materialise magically on the page. Geese and Daughters is a treat, rich in language, easy on the ear, personal - yet filled with shared experience and honed to perfection."

GEESE AND DAUGHTERS  (2019) published by Indigo Dreams, ISBN 978-1-912876-00-6,Price £6.80, available from


Geese and Daughters


Sandwiched between two exquisite poems by the group's mentor and author of several poetry collections, Moira Andrew, are poems that will deeply move you, poems that will give you glimpses into their writers' innermost souls, poems that will make you think, poems that will make you want to write poetry.

Moira Andrew says of the Nunney Poetry Workshop's first collection, Hand in Hand:

"It was both a privilege and a delight to be asked to express my thoughts on this first anthology of poems by members of the Nunney Poetry Workshop."

"There is no greater thrill than becoming a published poet and I wish all who have contributed to this anthology the very best for their future writing."

HAND IN HAND  (2018) published by Poetry Space, ISBN 978-1-909404-37-3, Price £3.50, available from


Hand in Hand


Poet Alison Brackenbury says of Moira Andrew’s poetry collection, Breakfast with Swallows:

Moira Andrew’s poems are funny, quirky and fresh.  They offer shrewd observations of older generations with profound insight into the strangest regions of our own lives.  There are poems which paint landscapes of intense colour and fierce heat, brought together in Breakfast with Swallows.

Dawn Bauling, a fellow poet, writes:
Breakfast with Swallows is Moira Andrew at her sensual best – nature, music, family, sex; all observed with the sharp eye and ready wit that Moira has in dollops.  She knows who she is and has the confidence to tell you, laying a trail with beautiful views and intriguing people.  This book is a feast and you’ll want a long breakfast.

BREAKFAST WITH SWALLOWS  (2017) published by Austin Macauley, ISBN 978-1-7871039-8-6,Price £5.99, available from


Breakfast with Swallows

A Box of Sky, published by INTEGRAL, 2017

This collection of 20 contemporary poems by Moira Andrew, has parallel translation into Romanian.  ‘This is Moira Andrew at her sensual best,’ Dawn Bauling.  ‘Moira Andrew’s poems are funny, quirky and fresh.’  Alison Brackenbury. 

"Moira Anrew's poems are agile in their shifting forms and rhythms. They have an unsentimental tenderness always underpinned by the passage of time. They look back, as if surprised, at the 'new old me' who writes them, still possessed of a child's curiosity and a grown woman's appetites" Philip Gross


A Box of Sky

Grandad’s Party, published by Poetry Space Ltd, 2016

This is a sparky, but tender story about Naomi and her grandfather, told from Naomi’s point of view.  ‘It’s a dreadful thing this getting old,’ Grandad says so he and Naomi plan a party to end all parties to which the members of The Sexy Seven, Grandad’s old skiffle band, are invited.  The story will appeal to primary-aged children and early teens – although it brought a tear to a much older reader.


Grandad's Party

Previous poetry collections for an adult audience


'Man in the Moon', Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2014
'Man in the Moon' explores contemporary life, its joys and sorrows and the challenge of growing older. The poems experiment with different styles and patterns on the page, but all have the clear voice of a female poet.

The concern with failing eyesight that casts a shadow behind this collection, seems only to have sharpened Moira Andrew’s observation.  Agile in their shifting forms and rhythms, the poems have an unsentimental tenderness always underpinned by the passage of time.  They look back, as if in surprise, at the ‘new old me’ who writes them, still possessed of a child’s fresh curiosity and a grown woman’s appetitesPhilip Gross


'Firebird', Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2011
A life traced here with its flows and changes – sensual thrills, mature satisfactions, sadness and loss, all backlit by awareness of how provisional our tenure is.  Each poem is a clear flask, with its lucid unfussy language, its different elegant stanza shapes, revealing the passage of time it contains.  They show a range of feeling, without sentimentality.  As if experience of grief has clarified their vision, the poems look beyond the self and are sharp-eyed and humane.  Philip Gross

These compelling poems show a poet coming to terms with grief, drawing on memory, wit, the present moment and the rounded experience of a loved life.  A painterly eye brings skilful use of colour imagery to add to the impact of this aptly-titled collection.  All the senses are alive in these pages where ‘Firebird’ holds the key to love and death.  Highly recommended.  Penelope Shuttle


» Sample poems/orders

'This Year, Next Year', Marvin Katz Press, 2004 & Authorhouse, 2008
Honest, erotic, tender and humorous, Moira Andrew’s poetry gives a telling insight into a woman’s passions, commitments and dilemmas. Peter Mortimer

Moira Andrew’s richly descriptive poetry often centres upon her theme; relationships.  A fine painterly poet who never fails to repay the reader. Wes Magee

‘This Year, Next Year’ is a book of poetry about love and loss … (it) turned my heart inside out.  Maureen Lipman in ‘The Guardian’



'Light the blue Touch Paper', Iron Press, 1986 & 1989
'Fresh out of Dragonflies', Headlock Press, 1995


Publications for children include:

‘Through a Child’s Eyes’ is an anthology of poems by poets who were children during WW2.  It brings together a full range of wartime experience, from stories of evacuation and air-raids to living with daily rationing and coping with sudden death – all from a child’s point of view.  Yet the children had fun too – after all, these years were their one-and-only childhood – so they played in the garden, went to school, learned to read and write, often questioning but rarely understanding, what was going on around them.  They got on with the business of being a child – and, despite everything, they survived.  The poems have been chosen by Moira Andrew and the book is published by Poetry Space.

  The Dream Thing

Wish a Wish is a collection of children’s poetry, newly published by Poetry Space, (June 2012), with illustrations by Anna Popescu. Wes Magee says, Wish a Wish is a highly original collection of poems; its tone is true, its touch light. A book for children of all ages – and one not to be missed!

‘Wish a Wish’ brings together poems by Moira Andrew from over twenty years of writing for children.  This collection includes poems about home, school and family, about growing up and feeling different from the crowd.  It also includes poems to mark the special occasions in a child’s year.  This book is set to be read and loved by children and adults alike.  It draws on Moira’s experience of being a child as well as her clear empathy with the children she has worked with over the years.

Buy from Poetry Space

  The Dream Thing

‘The very useful bag’, Leaf Books Ltd, 2006
A story about a boy with chickenpox who had 'more spots than a ladybird'.

'Owl's Party', Collins, 1994. Buy from Amazon

'Letters from Lucy', Collins, 1994. Buy from Amazon

'The Day Poppy said Yes', Longman 1994
Also available in Welsh. Buy from Amazon

'The Day Poppy Went Out', Longman 1994
Also available in Welsh. Buy from Amazon

'The Make a Book Book', Collins 1994
'Baboushka' (a play), Collins, 1996
'A Glass of Fresh Air', (poetry), Collins, 1996
'When Eva was Evacuated', Ginn, 1998
'Easy Peasy Cookbook', Ginn, 1998
'On the Beach', Pearson, 2000
'The Best Present', Pearson, 2000


Publications for teenagers:

'The Dream Thing', Palores Press, 2010
Marigold is tormented by what she calls ‘The Dream Thing’, a nightmare in which she keeps meeting a lad with haunting blue eyes.  One afternoon, in broad daylight this same young man walks out of her dreams and announces that he has come to take care of her.  This is Luke, a part-time ghost, who appears and disappears throughout the story.  Marigold, living alone in Cornwall with her dad, is finding life difficult, especially when he meets a new partner.  Overweight and oddly-dressed, Marigold makes an easy target for the school bullies and she comes to dread Mondays.  Luke, however, is more than a match for the bully-boys and also helps Marigold to cope with her dad’s new relationship.  Luke uses his invisibility to spring some surprises all round.  Although he exasperates her much of the time, Marigold begins to enjoy Luke’s company.  He thinks he might be falling in love with her, but knows he can’t live in the real world forever.

  The Dream Thing


Publications for teachers include:

'Patchwork of Poems', Folens, 2000
'Patchwork of Poems', A collection of Moira Andrew's poetry supporting popular themes familiar to young children. Each full colour photocopiable poem provides opportunities for talking and listening, discussing structures and inspirational ideas for writing, presentation and display.

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  Patchwork of Poems

'Tell me a Tale', Folens, 2002
'Tell me a Tale', This book presents stories and folk tales from around the world as a stimulus for language and display. Each story is retold in a complete abridged version, providing opportunities for speaking and listening, literacy and artwork.

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  Tell me a Tale

'Paint a Poem', Belair, 1996
'Paint a Poem' is a comprehensive collection of ideas for writing poetry for children from five to eleven years – together with inspiring presentation and display.

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  Paint a Poem

Language in Colour Words with Wings Rainbow Year Legend into Language

Also poetry anthologies published by Macmillan, Nelson & Puffin Viking.  More stories and reading books from Longman, Heinemann, Ginn & Collins.  Poems published in anthologies from OUP, Barefoot, Cambridge University Press, Longman, Ginn, Wayland and others.  Poems in Scholastic educational magazines and, occasionally, on the BBC.

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