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My Gran

My Gran

My Gran is
    a giggle-in-the-corner-like-a-child                                kind of Gran

She is
    a put-your-cold-hand-in-my-pocket
    a keep-your-baby-curls-in-my-locket
                    kind of Gran
She is
    a make-it-better-with-a-treacle-toffee
    a what-you-need's-a-cup-of-milky-coffee
    a hurry-home-I-love-you-awfully
                    kind of Gran
She is
    a butter-ball-for-your-bad-throat
    a stitch-your-doll-a-new-green-coat 
    a let's-make-soapy-bubbles-float
    a hold-my-hand-I'm-seasick-in-a-boat
                    kind of Gran
She is
    a toast-your-tootsies-by-the-fire
    a crack-the-wishbone-for-your-heart's-desire
    a ladies-don't-sweat-they-perspire
    a funny-old-fashioned-higgledy-piggledy-lady-to-admire
                    kind of Gran
And this lovely grandmother
                    is mine, all mine!

(First published in 'Unzip Your Lips', Macmillan, 1989)

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