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Portrait of a Dragon

If I were an artist
I'd paint the portrait
    of a dragon.
To do a proper job
I'd borrow colours
    from the world.
For his back I'd
need a mountain range,
    all misty-blue.
For spikes I'd use
dark fir trees pointing
    to the sky.
For overlapping scales
I'd squeeze dye from
    bright anemones.
I'd gild his claws
like shining swords
    with starlight.
His tail would be
a river, silver
    in the sun.
For his head, the
secret green of forests
    and deep seas.
And his eyes would
glow like embers in
    a tinker's fire.
But I'd keep the best
till last.  For his
    hot breath
I'd use all reds and
yellows - crocus, saffron,
    peony, poppy,
geranium, cyclamen, rose -
and fierce orange flames
    from a marigold.

(First published in 'Dragon Poems', OUP 1991)

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